What is the true cost of your transport refridgeration?

.How much could you save? Discover how to reduce operational costs and emissions in your fleet.


Müller UK & Ireland Group trialled the zero-emission Sunswap Endurance in our fleet in 2023 to align with our Net Zero ambitions. We were impressed with the performance of the system and its ability to run for the entirety of the trial on free clean energy generated by the solar panels

Wayne Exley, Senior Logistics Manager, Müller UK & Ireland Group

Discover how much you could save

With our total cost of ownership calculator see how much switching from diesel to a 100% electric alternative could save you.

Get a quick estimate revealing:

  • Your potential fuel savings without diesel

  • The big CO2 reductions to help meet your net zero goals

  • Improved total cost of ownership with sustainable electric

Sunswap impact for operators

Sunswap customers switching from diesel to electric transport refrigeration are seeing significant cost reductions. Based on actual customer usage data from trails, each Sunswap unit eliminates an average:

  • 4,500 litres of expensive diesel annually.

  • Savings of up to 30% on total cost of ownership

  • Powered by avg. 53% free solar energy

The result? Operators are seeing considerable savings for every unit on the road. Join the businesses already cutting costs and driving sustainable change.

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