Pick your reason

Reasons to select a fully-electric transport fridge from Sunswap Endurance.

Save money with 53% solar energy over the year

Autonomous power source – doesn’t pull from the engine

Paralleled solar array

Telematic data and tracking

Saves 75% OPEX on average

Cloud Prognostics to identify faults in advance

Modular battery to optimise to your needs

Advanced Battery Management System ensures battery longevity

Built to last for over 10 years

Multi-award winning

Removes harmful particulates and NOx emitted by diesel

Achieve up to 35% total cost of ownership savings

79-93% lower Global Warming Potential compared to diesel systems

Intuitive touchscreen control panel

A stepping stone to electric trucks

Lighter than diesel TRUs in most cases

A safe low-voltage system

Used by 9 operators and retailers


Completed over 20 successful trials with retailers, 3PLs at a variety of setpoints

Designed to charge during planned downtime

Endurance is a purpose-built electric system

Versatile temperature control from -25℃ to +25℃

Manage your fleet remotely with 4G connectivity

Fast and simple charging without need for specialist equipment

Discover how easily Sunswap Endurance can fit into your fleet

Take the first step towards a greener, more efficient cold chain. Our team are ready to help you easily integrate zero-emission transport refrigeration into your fleet, tailoring a solution that meets your unique needs and sustainability goals.

Sunswap TRU on the road