Sunswap Achieves ATP Certification: Evidence of Performance and Reliability Even In Extreme Temperatures 

Sunswap Endurance attains ATP certification helping to guarantee reliable performance and meeting stringent international standards for transporting perishable goods. This milestone underscores our commitment to sustainability and unlocks fresh opportunities for cross-border operations.

In a step forward for sustainable refrigerated transport, Sunswap Endurance has achieved ATP certification. This milestone validates the performance and reliability of our technology and opens new opportunities for our customers in the international cold chain logistics industry.

The ATP certification is more than just another milestone for Sunswap – it’s a key enabler for our ongoing European expansion. With this globally recognised seal of approval, we’re even better positioned to support our growing base of customers across Europe and beyond, such as our recently announced partnership with TIP Group in the Netherlands.

What is ATP and Why Does it Matter?

ATP is an international standard for the transport of perishable goods. It ensures that vehicles and equipment used for carrying food and other temperature-sensitive products across borders meet strict requirements for maintaining proper conditions.

For companies involved in international refrigerated transport, having ATP-certified equipment is a necessity, helping to avoid delays and spoiled cargo.

Rigorous Testing, Proven Performance

To achieve ATP certification, Sunswap Endurance underwent extensive testing at Cambridge Refrigeration Technology (CRT), an approved facility in the UK. This rigorous process included measuring the refrigeration capacity at different setpoints (-20°C, -10°C, 0°C) in 30°C ambient conditions to validate performance in demanding summer environments. Pull-down tests also confirmed the units can bring the trailer temperature down to -25°C within specified time limits, even in high outside temperatures.

The successful outcome shows that Sunswap Endurance meets and exceeds the performance requirements for international refrigerated transport. Reassuring our customers that their vital cargo will remain at the proper temperature throughout its journey.

While ATP certification is not currently a requirement in the UK, it provides operators extra assurance that Sunswap’s technology will reliably maintain product quality and safety, even in extreme temperatures that can sideline traditional refrigeration units.

“Further evidence that the Sunswap Endurance is operationally a like-for-like alternative to diesel-powered units. For operators, this means you don’t need to choose between going green and getting the job done. With Sunswap’s ATP-certified transport refrigeration units, you can reduce your carbon footprint and meet your sustainability goals without compromising on the reliability and effectiveness of your cold chain operations”, commented Alastair Gough, Head of Business Development at Sunswap.

Ready for the Road Ahead

With ATP certification secured, Sunswap is ready to support our customers on their cross-border deliveries. Whether you’re transporting fresh produce, dairy, meat, or pharmaceuticals, our electric transport refrigeration provides a sustainable and dependable solution for maintaining optimal conditions from pickup to delivery.

We’re excited to be at the forefront of the transition to cleaner, greener refrigerated transport.

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