An advanced approach to aftermarket support



A new standard for aftermarket care

Uptime is everything. Breakdowns cost time and money. That’s why we created Sunswap Shield – predictive diagnostics and maintenance to keep your fleet running 24/7.

Sunswap Shield sets the new standard for proactive, data-driven transport refrigeration care – taking you beyond reactive fixes to predict and prevent problems.

The result? Reduced costs. Fewer surprises. And complete confidence that your fleet hits the road on time, every time.

A network of excellence

Sunswap Shield’s maintenance network is provided by our highly qualified in-house technicians and rigorously selected third-party service partners. Only those who meet our stringent standards earn a place in our network.

We take great pride in ensuring that our team possesses the necessary expertise and skills to excel in their respective positions. You will find them knowledgeable, capable, smart, polite, helpful, honest, punctual and professional at all times.

Sunswap Shield locations

Trusted to deliver 

Sunswap Endurance is engineered for a lifetime of resilient performance, with 60% fewer parts that can fail compared to diesel systems alongside an aftermarket plan that includes

Minimising Downtime – Remote diagnostics using 1,000 data points enable precise identification and rapid fixing of issues over-the-air, minimising costly downtime.

Faster Repair Times – With just 16 modular components, Sunswap units are engineered for swift servicing and rapid repair times.

National Service Network – As a low-voltage system, Sunswap leverages accredited UK refrigeration technicians without additional training needed. Our around-the-clock support network ensures your goods get where they need to go.

What’s included in Sunswap Shield?

  • 2 Years full warranty with upto 10-year warranty available
  • Rich telematics, GPS tracking and historical data stored in the cloud
  • Remote diagnostic alerts sent directly to your control team
  • Over-the-air updates to maintain and improve performance
  • Fleet management portal with real-time updates and tracking
  • UK wide network of Sunswap certified technicians
  • Annual service with F-Gas certification



Peace of mind

See how Sunswap Shield provides unmatched resilience for your fleet’s future.
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Tested and adopted by leading fleets

Sunswap Endurance has run exceptionally across 20+ customer trials in real-world delivery conditions. The result, operators are adopting Sunswap Endurance in their fleets.

Samworth Brother

Longhurst Refrigeration Ltd

​​”We were really impressed by the design of the fridge and are confident this will turn heads in the market. It was amazing to see how far technology has advanced compared to what’s currently out there on the roads. We fed back some minor tweaks to further improve its serviceability but there’s just not much that needs servicing or can go wrong with it compared to traditional systems!”

Genesis Refrigeration Ltd

“The design was minimalist yet effective which could greatly reduce service intervals and maintenance costs. The product due to its nature has minimal points of potential failure – the telematics have a high level of detail that would help significantly reduce diagnostics time”


“The real time data monitoring in the cloud allows for a proactive maintenance solution, where sapphire can have a real impact utilising onsite VMUs at depots to efficiently resolve failures, increasing uptime of the Sunswap product.”

Grant Tadman, Group Commercial Manager

Matt Hurley Refrigeration

“We’re very interested in working with Sunswap. They have a simplistic design, whereas some kit out there is over-complicated. Servicing is going to be straight forward […] low voltage systems are safe and we won’t have to dispose of oil, which is another environmental benefit.”

Matt Hurley, CEO