Leading Sustainable Transport Refrigeration 

With zero diesel, zero emissions and up to 90% OPEX savings, Sunswap is world’s first purpose built battery and solar powered transport refrigeration unit.


Road tested sustainability

 With significant fuel savings, major CO2 reductions, and free solar generation is Sunswap is delivering significant savings for operators. The annual saving from one Sunswap transport refrigeration unit (TRU).

Diesel saved

CO2 Reduced

NOX Reduced

Major operators are going green with Sunswap

Over the last two years, we have completed 18 successful real-world trials with leading operators, manufacturers, 3PLs, and retailers.

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Reduce your impact today

Discover how much a zero-emission, solar-powered transport refrigeration could transform your fleet.

We’re excited to work closely with Sunswap to help advance transport refrigeration in a more sustainable direction that meets our customers’ growing demand for zero-emissions deliveries, vastly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and shrinking our carbon footprint. This bold transition is possible because we know Sunswap can deliver the sustainable technology needed to drive our industry forward.

Tom Owens, Owner and Managing Director, Bannister Transport