The hidden impact of transport refridgeration

Before renewing your refrigeration unit for the next decade, consider the true cost of sticking with diesel . It’s essential to weigh not just the direct costs, but also the environmental and air quality impacts. Learn how to save on cost and the environment.

Truck on road

The shocking impact of diesel refrigerated units

Did you know that the diesel fridges used in chilled and frozen deliveries…

Emit as much as nitrogen oxides (NOx) as 16 trucks

…that’s 23 kg of lung-damaging NOx pollution every year

Over 40 times more cancer-causing particulate matter (PM) than a truck

The pollution happens in our depots, workplaces and streets.

While operators upgrade their truck fleets to meet the latest standards, diesel transport fridges have been overlooked despite this huge impact to air quality.

The true cost of diesel TRUs… every year

Polluting CO2

Spent on diesel

Lung Damaging NOx

A sustainable zero-emission solution

Sunswap Endurance matches diesel cooling performance while eliminating toxic NOx and PM pollution and CO2. Powered sustainably through solar and battery technology, it’s the first electric alternative that:


  • Matches diesel fridge performance, range and uptime
  • Trusted by major operators
  • Average 20-50% savings vs diesel
  • Solar supply for energy independence
  • Zero direct emissions
Sunswap TRU on the road

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Discover how to reduce your fleets impact

We’re excited to work closely with Sunswap to help advance transport refrigeration in a more sustainable direction that meets our customers’ growing demand for zero-emissions deliveries, vastly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and shrinking our carbon footprint. This bold transition is possible because we know Sunswap can deliver the sustainable technology needed to drive our industry forward.

Tom Owens, Owner and Managing Director, Bannister Transport