Bannister Transport’s Successful Trial with Sunswap’s Zero-Emission Technology Leads to Current Fleet Wide Adoption

Bannister Transport successfully trialled Sunswap's zero-emission refrigeration units, using 40% solar energy and demonstrating impressive performance. Bannister's commitment sets a powerful example for sustainability in the cold chain industry.

Bannister Transport, a pioneering logistics firm, conducted a successful trial of Sunswap’s zero-emission transport refrigeration units. The results were impressive, showcasing the significant environmental benefits that can be achieved by adopting sustainable refrigeration solutions in the cold chain industry.

During the trial, Bannister Transport put Sunswap Endurance to the test on single-temperature chilled routes. The data collected revealed some remarkable results showcasing the capabilities and impact of Sunswap’s battery and solar-powered refrigeration technology.

One of the impressive results demonstrated during the 2-week trial was 40% of the energy was generated by solar power. This highlights the effectiveness of Sunswap’s innovative approach to refrigeration, which harnesses the power of the sun to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and increase the range of the routes Sunswap Endurance is capable of.

To really challenge Sunswap Endurance, Bannister Transport assigned it to their most demanding delivery cycle. This route required a setpoint of 3 degrees Celsius to ensure the goods remained well-chilled throughout the journey.

After 14 hours and 23 minutes of continuous operation, including 6 deliveries with door openings, Sunswap Endurance had only used 70% of its battery capacity. This outstanding performance proves that Sunswap Endurance is more than capable of handling even the toughest routes, easily matching the capability of a conventional diesel unit.

The trial with Bannister Transport provides compelling evidence of the viability and sustainability of Sunswap’s battery and solar-powered refrigeration technology. The significant contribution of solar power and the impressive performance under demanding conditions demonstrate that Sunswap Endurance is a reliable and eco-friendly solution for temperature-controlled transportation.

These results led Bannister Transport to adopt zero-emission transport refrigeration across all of their current fleet.

The lifetime impact of zero-emission transport refrigeration

By adopting zero-emission refrigeration Bannister Transport will achieve a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions. Across the lifetime of the unit and fleet, Bannister Transport will reduce 1,760 tonnes of overall emissions (Scope 3). This is a significant step towards achieving net zero across operations.

To put this in perspective, per unit this is the equivalent environmental impact of driving a petrol car 112,533 miles. Given that on average, UK drivers travel 6,600 miles per year, the impact a single transport refrigeration unit can have is considerable. Across the entire fleet, the impact multiplies many times over. Based on government data, this is the equivalent to taking 419 petrol cars off the road for the same period.

Based on data from the trial and project, Bannister Transport will also remove 13,600kg of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) per unit. These pollutants contribute to poor air quality, acid rain, and respiratory health issues.

“A more sustainable direction that meets our customers’ growing demand for zero-emissions deliveries”

The success of this trial led Bannister Transport to commit to a significant commitment in fleet-wide sustainability. Over the next two years, they will transition their entire 40-trailer fleet to Sunswap’s Endurance electric reefers, creating the world’s first 100% electric, zero-tailpipe emission refrigerated trailer fleet of its scale.

Bannister Transport Owner and Managing Director, Tom Owens stated “We were hugely impressed by the potential of Sunswap’s technology during September’s trial. We’re excited to work closely with Sunswap to help advance transport refrigeration in a more sustainable direction that meets our customers’ growing demand for zero-emissions deliveries, vastly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and shrinking our carbon footprint. This bold transition is possible because we know Sunswap can deliver the sustainable technology needed to drive our industry forward.”

Sunswap’s Head of Business Development, Alastair Gough commented, “The trial with Bannister Transport has proven that Endurance battery and solar-powered technology is a viable and sustainable alternative to diesel-powered units. It’s incredible to see that 40% of the energy used during the trial came from solar power, and the unit performed flawlessly on the most demanding routes. Not only does this simplify operations for our customers, but it also significantly reduces their environmental impact.”

By embracing Sunswap’s cutting-edge technology, Bannister Transport is not only reducing its carbon footprint but also minimising the harmful effects of diesel emissions on local communities and at its depot. This move sets a powerful example for the cold chain industry, demonstrating that sustainable solutions can deliver both environmental benefits and operational efficiency.

As more forward-thinking companies like Bannister Transport adopt zero direct emission technologies, the cold chain industry can make significant strides towards a greener, cleaner future. Sunswap is proud to be at the forefront of this transition, providing a viable solution that enables businesses to meet the growing demand for sustainable logistics.