Meet Endurance

The world’s first purpose built battery and solar powered transport refrigeration unit (TRU). The fully electric system is a true zero-emission*, viable alternative to diesel power. Ready to help decarbonise your cold chain, all without risking operational efficiency or cost effectiveness.


Exceptional run times from a single charge


No diesel, zero emission


Up to 90% OPEX savings

*Zero direct or indirect tailpipe emission

Designed for efficiency

Unburdened by legacy diesel technology inefficacies, we have meticulously engineered Endurance from the ground up. Sunswap’s team of design engineers have crafted every aspect of Endurance to minimise energy consumption, without compromising on its exceptional cooling power or its durability.

Adaptive battery capacity inside the unit

Whether you’re delivering ice cream in Malaga or milk in Scotland, we understand that power requirements vary. By matching the battery size precisely to your delivery cycle, we provide the right amount of power without excess weight or unneccessary cost: Endurance with its smallest battery pack weighs 10-20% less than diesel equivalents with their smallest fuel tank.

Cloud prognostics and OTA updates

Maximise the uptime of your fleet with our cutting-edge features: cloud prognostics continuously monitor performance and system conditions, identifying issues before they manifest. Over-the-air software updates also ensure the unit is running at optimum efficiency.

Sunswap Truck top view

Solar power at its finest

Say goodbye to reliance on traditional power sources and embrace a sustainable future. Our solar array seamlessly captures and converts sunlight into clean energy, empowering your TRU with renewable power and lower operational costs. Harness up to 86% of your energy throughout the year!

Versatile temperature control

Single, dual and triple temp configurations from -25℃ to +25℃. Pull-down times that match diesel performance with electric efficiency. Embrace the future of refrigeration with confidence, knowing that our electric system not only matches but surpasses the performance of diesel equivalents, due to the variable speed of the motor.

Autonomous and trailer agnostic

Endurance offers unparalleled freedom and flexibility. The unit operates independently and seamlessly fits onto any trailer without the need for extensive integration.

Intuitive user experience

A driver’s dream, our state-of-the-art control panel is designed to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Alongside its intuitive user interface, the touch-screen works flawlessly in a range of conditions; such as whether the user is wearing gloves or has wet hands. The back-lit screen and high-contrast colours ensure usability in both darkness and the glare of direct sunlight

Manage your fleet remotely

Take full control of your fleet of Endurance units. With 4G connectivity, you can manage and monitor your units from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s turning units on or off, adjusting settings, or fixing set points, you have complete command at your fingertips.

Long lifetime: 10 years+

With a relentless commitment to quality, we integrate only the finest components into our systems. Combined with our intelligent cloud prognostics, and a bespoke battery management system, we ensure unparalleled performance that goes beyond your expectations – from day one to day 3650 and beyond.


Fast and simple charging

We offer two convenient mains charging options designed for speed and simplicity:
32A 3 Phase Commando Socket and Type 2 EV Socket
This eliminates the need for bespoke charging stations so transitioning your fleet to electric TRUs is simple. 


The advantages of low voltage

Our solution ensures a safer working environment, as unlike high voltage systems, the battery cells of Endurance do not pose a combustion risk if pierced. Plus, our low voltage system also eliminates the need for specialised training to maintain. 



Enjoy the serenity of our PIEK certified solution, ensuring operation under 60dB at any motor speed. With reduced noise levels, you increase productivity, can operate in regions with noise restrictions, and drivers can enjoy a good night’s sleep, ensuring they wake fresh and alert. Endurance is also ATP certified and approved for transport of perishable goods throughout Europe.

Maximise cost savings:
Achieve up to 35% TCO reduction


By leveraging our proprietary software, Sunswap Analytics, we provide an accurate, like-for-like Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison between Endurance and your current diesel TRUs.

Our advanced software utilises extensive weather data and sophisticated energy simulations to analyse the energy consumption of your delivery cycles throughout the year.

By overlaying weather conditions with precise energy simulations, we ensure that you receive the optimal battery size, solar array, and onboard charger tailored specifically to your operation.

Find out your potential TCO savings

Discover the impressive results of rigorously testing our system’s capabilities across diverse delivery cycles.


“After a trial run with a unit earlier this year, we’re pleased to announce that Sunswap trailers will become a permanent part of our cold chain operation in the UK. As the only zero-emission cooling trailer on the market, Sunswap provides a huge opportunity for us to reduce the carbon footprint of our cold chain operation and strengthen our offering to customers. With positive results from the trial, we are now set to place an order for multiple units, which should enter our service within the next year.”

Matt O’Dell – Managing Director UK


“Due to the high utilisation and efficiency of our temperature-controlled fleet, I was initially sceptical that any battery-powered refrigeration unit would be able to meet the high demands we put on our equipment. I and the team at Freshlinc were pleasantly surprised with the performance of the Sunswap system and how it handled the requirements that come with delivering fresh produce. As well as the rich level of data provided throughout the trial. We’re huge advocates of any innovation that can support our industry. I’m pleased to see Sunswap have created true competition for diesel fridges.”

Lee Juniper, CEO


“Our partnership with Sunswap allows us to offer our customers another sustainable solution for their refrigerated trailer fleet management needs. We are excited to be at the forefront of the industry in implementing green technology to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Rogier Laan, Vice President Sales and Marketing

Muller Milk & Ingredients Distribution

‘MMID trialled the zero-emission Sunswap Endurance in our fleet earlier this year to align with our Net Zero ambitions. We were impressed with the performance of the system and its ability to run for the entirety of the trial on free clean energy generated by the solar panels’

Wayne Exley, Senior Logistics Manager

Samworth Brothers

“A key component of Samworth Brother’s vision to be a long-term force for good is our Net Zero target. This year we’ve been trialling a range of EVs as we look to cut our fleet’s reliance on diesel. Including the fully electric Sunswap Endurance. We were very pleased with how the unit seamlessly slotted into our operations and thwarted any of our attempts to “break it” during the trial. Completing all our delivery cycles with no downtime for charging, running entirely on solar energy generated by the panels on the roof.”

Paul Marrow, Operations Director

Bannister Transport

“We’re excited to work closely with Sunswap to help advance transport refrigeration in a more sustainable direction that meets our customers’ growing demand for zero-emissions deliveries. We also strive to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels while shrinking our carbon footprint. This bold transition is possible because we know Sunswap can deliver the sustainable technology needed to drive our industry forward.”

Tom Owens, Managing Director