Sunswap Teams Up With MAN Truck and Bus UK To Showcase the Future of Decarbonised Transport

Sunswap and MAN Truck & Bus UK showcased a fully electric transport solution, combining Sunswap's Endurance refrigeration unit with MAN's TGX 4x2 eTruck. This partnership demonstrates the feasibility of a fully sustainable supply chain.

Sunswap, manufacturer of Endurance, the first purpose-built fully electric transport refrigeration system, partnered with MAN Truck & Bus at the first UK test drive of their New TGX 4×2 eTruck.

This collaboration showcases a groundbreaking combination – an electric truck pulling a fully electric refrigeration solution – a significant step towards a sustainable cold chain.

The showcase event which took place at HORIBA Mira Test Track provided an opportunity for customers and the press to road test the fully-electric combination.

Endurance: Battery and solar powered refrigeration

Endurance, a purpose-built electric transport refrigeration unit (TRU) from Sunswap, has been successfully trialed by 22 customers to date and will hit UK and European roads this summer with nine customers expected to receive their first units including DFDS, TIP Group, Bannister Transport and Samworth Brothers.

Endurance boasts an impressive range to ensure it can be easily dropped into customer’s fleets. A single charge can last 1 day frozen operations, 2 days on multi-temperature and up to 2 months on chilled.

The battery and solar powered refrigeration system is also self-powered, ensuring that it does not draw power from the truck. This makes it an ideal solution for both diesel and electric trucks as it does not negatively impact the trucks range.

MAN heavy-duty electric truck

MAN Truck & Bus launched the TGX 4×2 eTruck in 2022 at the International IAA Show in Hannover. The MAN eTGX eTruck is now in production, available for customers to order and ready to hit the UK roads.

The truck boasts, depending on purpose and spec, 45-minute charge times with daily ranges of up to 800 kilometres. This makes the new MAN eTGX competition for conventional tractors when it comes to long-distance transport.

“We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to partner with Sunswap at the UK launch of our New MAN eTGX eTruck,“ said Stefan Thyssen, Managing Director, MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd. “As we strive to decarbonise road transport this innovative fully electric tractor-trailer combination allowed us to showcase a package that demonstrates what is available today to help both significantly reduce emissions and improve sustainability.”

“We are thrilled to be invited to the showcase of MAN’s eTruck in the UK,” said Michael Lowe, CEO of Sunswap. “This collaboration represents a significant leap forward in the drive towards a net-zero cold chain. By combining our zero-emission electric transportation refrigeration system with MAN’s electric truck, we are demonstrating that a fully sustainable supply chain is not only possible but is the future of the industry,,,, and its already here”.

Sunswap is a UK-based company on a mission to decarbonise the global cold chain. With its zero-emission, battery and solar-powered transport refrigeration unit (TRU). The company’s flagship product, Endurance, provides a sustainable, reliable, and viable alternative to traditional diesel-powered refrigeration units allowing operators to instantly reduce the carbon impact of their chilled and frozen operations.

MAN Truck & Bus
MAN Truck & Bus, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, is a leading international provider of commercial vehicles and transport solutions. The company is committed to developing sustainable and innovative mobility solutions, with a focus on electric trucks and buses, to reduce the environmental impact of freight and passenger transport.